Release Day Blitz – Hard Limit by Meredith Wild

Hard Limit (Hacker Series #4)
by Meredith Wild
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Blake Landon is a man who has everything—wealth, good looks, and the love of Erica Hathaway. The power couple has been through hell and back, and when life has torn them apart, somehow they have always found their way back to each other, more in love and stronger than ever.
Erica has never been more ready to say I do. On the verge of making the ultimate commitment, she uncovers an unsettling chapter of Blake’s history. As she makes peace with her own past and the family who left her behind, she presses Blake to tear down the last walls between them. Determined to know the man he once was, she opens a door to a world beyond her wildest imagination—a world that has her questioning the limits of her own desires.
As danger lurks and dark secrets come to light, will the past destroy their promise of forever?

Meet The Author

Meredith Wild is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of romance. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.  You can find her at

All the books in The Hacker Series can be found at:

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Review- No Fear by Heather Allen


Author: Heather Allen

Series: The No Regrets Series, Book #2

Genre: New Adult

Publisher: Limitless Publishing


Greylan Pace believed fighting was everything.

 He thought making it as an MMA fighter in the pro circuit was the ultimate of goals.
 Now he faces the ultimate betrayal.
 He realizes goals and dreams never stay the same, and loyalty is fleeting. His life has taken another turn and he finds himself fighting for entirely different reasons.
 Against a new opponent.
 The mob.
 This battle isn’t for a title, but a fight for his life, and his ‘family’ who are more important to him than anything else.
 Against an opponent who doesn’t play by the rules…
Holy Moly that was intense!!
I was frustrated at the end of No Regrets, I just wanted Grey to be happy, he deserved it.
No Fear is a really well paced and intense, cryptic read, Ms Allen has out done herself  with this one.
This book was an emotional roroller-coasterIt kept me guessing each time I turned the page.
I really enjoyed Grey’s character development in No Fear, he is such a stronger person in this one.
I can’t share much more it will spoilit,
And that Epilogue! Wow!!!
Recommended Series!
4.5 Stars!!












Author: Heather Allen

Genre: New Adult

Publisher: Limitless Publishing


Greylan Pace has been a fighter his entire life…

He’s worked hard to get to the top as a mixed martial arts fighter, and finally his time in the spotlight has come. Everything he’s ever wanted is at his fingertips.

Then, one event changed his life forever…

Now Greylan finds himself back on top, going to battle in the biggest fight of his life. But he soon learns that what he’s strived for means nothing in comparison to his fight to keep his sister, his best friend Christina, and Mollie Andrews, the girl he can’t stop thinking about.

He fights with everything he’s got to keep his focus on his goal, but for the first time ever, he’s afraid he might lose.









Heather Allen 


Heather is a Florida girl! Her life revolves around the two W’s- water and words! She grew up in south Florida and now lives in Melbourne, Florida with her husband and three kids, just minutes from the ocean.

She has been an avid reader of just about every genre her entire life. Her writing career began a short few years ago when she decided to listen to the voices in her head and put them to paper and the words began to flow…

Heather loves to ride her bike and just be outside! When she isn’t writing Heather can be found at the beach or out on the water boating.

Heather Allen is the author of seven novels, some that are self-published and some through Limitless Publishing.


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Review- Saving Our Hearts by Velvet Reed


This series must be read in order from book 1. They are not stand alones. **

This book is recommended for people over 18 years due to strong language and
sexual content.**
your whole world shatters and time stands still, recovery is never easy. Plans
and dreams, ripped apart now seem impossible and finding a steady rhythm for
your beating heart seems unattainable. 

Tierney and Grace Rivers had a bright, uncomplicated future ahead of them, but
the accident changed that. In the aftermath, there are wide reaching
consequences, not only for Cole and Grace, but their loved ones too.

together can they battle to survive the impact. Is it enough for them to heal
and fight for their future? 

just one glimmer of hope before them, will a small miracle have the strength to
save their hearts?

Where to start! I fell in love with Cole and Gracie in TROMH and was so looking forward to SOHs….
Velvet Reed has done an INCREDIBLE job with this second book. Her characters are very relatable and well developed and her storyline kept me on the edge of my seat.
There are many emotions I went through reading this book, and if I didn’t know Ms Reed had only written one book before this one I would say she is a seasoned author.

Velvet Reed is defiantly an author to look out for in the future. I can’t wait to read more from her!


Olivia and Ashley leave the kitchen and Charlie moves to the fridge to get the
drinks, I take a second to adjust myself. A few deep breaths and I’m willing
myself to calm down. Damn, that woman
drives me all sorts of crazy.
I start to relive the feel of her against me
when the loud clank of beer bottles getting slammed down on the counter grabs
my attention.
            “You want to explain what the hell that was all about?”
Charlie demands, and when I look at his face, I see unbridled fury there. What the hell?
            “What exactly do I need to explain?” I question, knowing
full well he’s referring to him and Olivia catching Ashley and I in a slightly
compromising position.
play dumb with me, Sam. My family’s been through enough crap in the last few
weeks without having you come in and causing any more problems.”
family?” I question, because hell, I’m not going to stand here and let him act
all high and mighty with me. As much as sometimes I do feel out of place in the
Tierney’s, they are the only family I have and I love every one of them, and
that includes Gracie now too. Then I have the sudden thought that maybe Charlie
has a thing for Ashley. It makes sense. She’s fantastic with Ruby and loyal to
Gracie. She’s been around Charlie all her life. Maybe he wants her and is
jealous I was kissing her instead of him.
my family,” he snaps back. “You need to leave Ashley alone, Sam. She’s not a
toy for you to play with.”


** This book is
recommended for people over 18 years due to strong language and sexual
Grace Rivers is your everyday twenty-five year old. She could have the world at
her feet, but instead chooses to help run the family business. After
experiencing great loss early in her life, Grace values what’s most important:
her family and friends. But she aches to find that certain someone—that one
great, passionate love who values family as much as she does.

Cole Tierney loves his life. He has a wonderful family, a loyal best friend and
a successful career as an ER doctor. The only downside is he wants someone to
share it with. After being used and left heartbroken, he wants to find someone
who will love him for him and not his or his family’s status. 

“Every beat my heart makes is for you. Every time it beats faster it’s
because of you—because you’re near me, because of your smile—because you take
my breath away.” 

Their two hearts collide by chance and an undeniable connection is quickly

But when others are plotting against their happiness, will their love flatline,
or will the rhythm of their hearts continue to beat as one?


Currently $0.99


Velvet Reed is
the pen name of an avid book lover, reviewer and blogger who has turned writer. 

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia; she is a city girl at heart but loves the
laid back lifestyle of living in country New South Wales. Married to her first
and only love, she is a devoted mother of three who juggles her very active
children and their many extracurricular activities, working in the middle of
the night, running a blog, and writing.

Velvet’s love of reading was realized after the death of her amazing father.
She used the escape into the fictional world to help her through her grief and
post natal depression, not releasing the great impact so many talented authors
would have on her life.



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Cover Reveal – Pocket full of Sand by M.Leighton


Coming March 15, 2015 from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author M. Leighton: A story of heartbreak, loss, love, and new beginnings. 



Coming March 15, 2015!

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Blog Tour Glitch by Olivia Linden & Leteisha Newton

Blog Tour
Glitch (Corporate Hitman Vol. 1)
By Olivia Linden & LeTeisha Newton
Dec 1st – Dec 7th
Liam Gallagher, AKA Glitch, is the brain behind a trio of corporate criminals. Formerly known as one of the most notorious hackers in cyberspace, he now works to keep Hawk Global Industries one step ahead of its competitors. 

But there’s a catch. Being blackmailed to do what he does best isn’t how Glitch plans to spend the rest of his life, and his partners in crime feel the same way. When an old flame crosses his path unexpectedly, Glitch and company learn that betrayal is on the horizon for them. It’s time to put a plan in motion and reclaim their freedom, once and for all. Things are going to get pretty nasty along the way, even a little sexy, but it’s all in a day’s work for a Corporate Hitman.

Amazon US   

Olivia Linden, a native New Yorker, was raised between Queens and San Antonio, TX. Currently living in Florida with her 10 year-old son, she decided it was time to follow her dreams of becoming a full time author. Her creative itch began when her elementary school principal posted one of her stories in the halls of her school. She was only seven at the time, but old enough to understand how integral writing would be to her future. From that moment on, reading and writing became her two greatest passions.

Olivia is a newbie to the industry, but she hasn’t stopped writing since she found her literary voice all those years ago. Jaded Hearts, her first published novel, mixes her big personality, with a sexy yet humorous tone. It is her philosophy that laughter is essential to making it through even the toughest situations.

Find your passion with Jaded Hearts by Olivia Linden.



Twitter: @mslissa2u

LeTeisha Newton is the author of a plethora of novels ranging from hot Interracial Erotica, Paranormal biters, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy genres. She’s known for her extensive knowledge of shifter cultures, even outside of the generic werewolves and vampires, crazy world-building, and making shapeshifters feel like they are living right next door. That has led to her being dubbed the Shifter Queen. Some of her series include the best-selling Claimed and Taken Series.


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Release Day Blitz – Lost Until You by JR Grant




They had it all.
There wasn’t anything they could do to make their lives better.

Their relationship was thriving.
Their daughter was perfect.
And the adoration they had for each other was indescribable.

They were surrounded by their family and friends who loved them unconditionally.

There wasn’t a time Brax and Jazx lived with any regret,
until Jazz started digging into her past.
And now the happy life they once shared, has crumbled before their eyes, forcing their family through a whirlwind of emotions and pain.

What do you do when your marriage gets hit with the one thing you’d never expect?

Can you stand the test of time and move forward as one?

Or do you throw away everything you’ve spent years building,
because it’s the moral thing to do?

Relationships are handed different obstacles to face,
but in this case,
two people are left pondering what society says is correct.

If you love someone with your whole heart,
more than anything in the world,
they become worth your fight.

They are lost until you.

Lost Until You
Book One in the Sorrentino Brother’s Series




Sad Beautiful Girl Lying On Grass. Faded Effect

Crying woman

LUY Teaser 04


Purchase Links


Amazon UK   |   Amazon US   |   Amazon CA


Meet the Author


JR Grant is an avid reader, a fictional writer, and lover of many things. When she’s not plotting her next story, you can catch her on the beach with her kindle in hand, soaking up the sun.

JR Grant enjoys photography, spending time with her Family, and watching her kids excel in their sports. As a die hard football fan, her boys and daughter have made it possible to be out on the field every fall.

For more information, visit her social media sites posted below.

Shattered Promises
Available Now on Amazon
Lani & Parker’s Story

Lost Until You
Book One in the Sorrentino Brother’s Series: Brax & Jazz’s Story





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Cover Reveal – Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin

Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin COVER
I race to finance it.
I evade to protect it.
I kill to attain it.
I planned everything.
Except her.
The alluring, curvaceous blonde at the finish line.
With sapphire eyes that cheat and lie.
Whose powerful family murdered mine.
I hate her.
I want her.
I know she’s hiding something.
But so am I.
Expected Release Date : January 12th, 2015

Pre Order

Amazon US   /   Amazon UK   /   Amazon CA
Dirty Ties Teaser Picture 
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.
Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.


Cover Reveal – From This Moment by Lexi Buchanan

Coming: December 16, 2014
The last thing Rona Jameson expected was the scorching connection she feels to Cade Matthews. At twenty-four, Rona is embarking on what should have been her honeymoon to Jackson Hole, Wyoming…alone. Having just gotten out of one relationship, she’s hesitant to jump into another. But there’s something about the forty-five year old single father of three that calls to her.
Cade knows it would be best to steer clear of Rona, but he can’t deny the chemistry and longing he feels towards her. No other woman has ever made him feel strung so tight. The age difference between them however is something he’s not sure he can overcome.
Jake Matthews, Cade’s son, is heading home after receiving an honorable discharge from the Marines. He broke things off with Elise, six years ago, when he joined the service, afraid of her being left alone if something happened to him. Now he’s back and ready to claim the girl he’s never been able to forget. There’s only one problem, she’s engaged to another man.
Can Jake win Elise back and prove to her he’s worthy of a second chance? Will Rona and Cade overcome their doubts and fears, and the other obstacles in their way?
From NY Times Bestselling author, Lexi Buchanan, two love stories in one, with a touch of taboo.
NOTE: This has been newly edited, with 25,000+ extra words added as well as POV’s for both Jake and Elise.


My legs wrap around his hips as I push against the long, hard length of him, just wanting, needing to feel him in my core.

Breaking the kiss, I draw a few deep breaths as Jake continues his assault on my senses by trailing wet kisses along my jaw and down my neck.

“You have too many clothes on,” he whispers as he moves his hands around my waist. He shoves my tee shirt and sweater up over my head, baring my naked breasts.

I’d wanted to give Jake easy access during the course of the day, except, with everything that happened, we hadn’t gotten around to any messing around.

But that’s being rectified.

“Elise,” he growls. “You’re killing me.”

My breasts overflow his large hands as he cups them, rubbing back and forth over my puckered nipples. Goose bumps break out all over my body as he sucks one nipple into his mouth while pinching the other and grinding against my core with the root of him.

“Naked,” I cry out. “Jake. Now.” I’m damn desperate to have him buried deep.

“Yes.” He releases me, and I catch my breath. Kneeling between my spread thighs, he unfastens my jeans and yanks them, with my panties, down my legs before tossing them behind him on the floor.

Following the clothes, Jake jumps off the bed. “Don’t move.” Unfastening his jeans, they disappear from view as he kicks them and his shorts off. Standing back to his full height, he stares at me.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he declares while his hand wraps around his cock and slowly strokes back and forth.

Unable to help myself, I moan and arch up from the bed. Watching him touch himself is so hot that he’s causing my whole body to go up in flames.

“You enjoy watching me?” he observes.

Taking a firmer grip on his cock, Jake moves his hand slowly up and down and rubs over the mushroom head, which is leaking with pre-cum.

Licking my lips in anticipation of having him in my mouth, he cusses and pulls back on his dick to his balls.

With a wicked smile in his direction, I lick all around my lips, wetting them before sucking my middle finger into my mouth. Trailing said finger down between my breasts, over my naval and further south, I open my legs wide and trace between. I do this without taking my eyes from Jake, or his gaze. He’s watching every move my finger makes. When the tip of my finger disappears inside my body, I arch up and moan.

He’s on me.

My hands are held loosely in one of his above my head as he thrusts inside my sex to the very core of me.

“Keep your hands there,” he demands.

I get a hard kiss to my lips as I nod my acceptance. My voice has deserted me for now.

Jake wraps his arms beneath my hips, which raises me slightly, and starts a slow, and long, withdrawal before sliding back inside me just as slowly.

Everywhere I touch, when he lets me, is rock hard. Gone is the eighteen-year-old boy who broke my heart, and in his place is a man who is crying out for me to love him. A man asking me to take him back into my heart, only, he never left and never will.

I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived, and worked at the University of Bolton. In 2010, I moved to Ireland with my husband, four kids and pack of animals.
I’m a NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of Devour, and International Bestselling Author of Seduce and Sizzle.
My time is spent writing when I can get away from Facebook, and chasing after the kids and animals.
One of my all time ambitions is to visit Mount Everest base camp in the Himalayas.

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Review- Oceans Apart by Emma Fitzgerald

BOOK:  Oceans Apart
SERIES: Book One – Ocean Dreams
AUTHOR: Emma Fitzgerald
RELEASE DATE:  November 4th, 2014
Nobody ever cares for second place.
Talented public relations associate, Annie Scott, knows second place well. She has never been anyone’s priority and is sick of wallowing in self pity, sick of being an option. In a snap decision, she flees her hometown of Nashville for the unknown shores of Sydney, Australia. There she can be whoever she wants to be. Perhaps, the enforced solitude will give her back her identity and kickstart a new path in life.
Professional surfer, Cam Hart, is home on leave from the Pro Tour, and in desperate need of some rest, relaxation and maybe, a little female company. All extremely achievable at his home in Bronte, Sydney. There will be women willing and waiting for him, of that he has no doubt. He’s never been a relationship kind of guy, and after his embarrassing defeat for the recent World Title, the idea of losing himself in between the sheets for some no-strings fun, definitely has appeal.
Fate throws Cam and Annie in each other’s path. Their attraction to each other is immediate. Cam believes he has found the perfect girl to distract him for a few weeks, while Annie is ready to throw caution to the wind and dive into a holiday romance. The two drifting souls soon realise that their chemistry and passion is more than they bargained for.
Cam has never wanted to entrust his heart to anyone again. But, with Annie, he sees that he may indeed want a future, a change from his impulsive and wild ways. Could Cam actually be capable of such change? Should Annie consider Cam to be more than a summer fling, or will she be bound by her insecurities and not believe him worth the risk? Will she return to her hometown, the same as she left it: alone
An amazing debut from Emma Fitzgerald.
Book 1 in a series that is a stand alone.
We meet Cam and Annie in Sydney, Australia after Annie finally starts living her life for herself and not others and my goodness this chick is feisty and a really lovely character I would want her as my BFF!
Cam, the sexy and sweet surfer, the epitome of HOT! I think we all need a Cam in our lives, he’s a little messed up though.
The story is mostly set in beautiful Sydney but Emma has managed to cross over to US language and places impeccably.
For a debut novel, Emma has done a fabulous job with her story line, it is sexy and there is an* oh my gosh… s*** moment* I sat angry at Cam but I was ok eventually, he is a good guy at heart.
I love that Annie is a tough but emotional chick, she takes no crap and she made me smile a lot!
With characters that are strong and well developed and a beautifully written storyline with everything I love in a romance I think Emma has an amazing debut novel and I can not wait to read more from her in the future, I am excited for you all to fall in love with Sydney, Australia and Cam and Annie’s story!!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!



Amazon US –

Kobo –

NOOK – To Come


Cam looked down at Annie. She was seeing the view of the beach through fresh eyes and her wonderment made Cam realize what he took for granted. Strands of Annie’s hair had fallen out of her ponytail and were fluttering across her face. Cam moved his hand up and tucked them behind her ear. His touch made goose bumps jump to the surface of her skin. Annie tensed slightly before a warm rush of shivers went through her body. His thumb lightly rubbed over her cheek while the rest of his hand slid around the back of her head. Annie looked up and directly into Cam’s eyes. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever to Annie. He then leaned down slowly and got closer to her, their faces just a few inches from the other. Annie broke eye contact and looked down but Cam placed his other hand on her chin and brought her head back up. He held on to both sides of her face, moved in, and gently kissed her. Softly, sweetly. Then Annie released a sigh, which seemed to give Cam more confidence. His hands moved from her face to around her waist and he pulled her in toward him. Annie’s hands were flat against his chest and she could feel his heart was beating just as fast as her’s. His kiss changed from soft to more intense as their tongues tussled together. Annie was more than willing to match what he gave her. Cam turned Annie around and pushed her against the stone wall bordering the side of the balcony. His hands ran down the sides of Annie’s breasts, which peaked her nipples instantly. If she weren’t already highly turned on, that move would have done it! Just as Cam was about to lift the tank top up and over her head, a loud wolf whistle shook him out of his trance. 



Emma Fitzgerald is a lover of words.

The way they are weaved and worked to make people and places come alive and how they can draw the reader into worlds their imagination had never even dreamed of.

Emma has loved reading and writing since the day her life was first touched with the gift of a 100 year old copy of ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen. She soon discovered that the written word could transport her, not only across the world, but across time.Emma loves a ‘Happily Ever After’ and has found her own HEA with her amazing husband. They and their three children live in Southern Australia.



Release Day- Nocte by Courtney Cole

Nocte RDL Banner


We are beyond excited to bring you the Release Day Launch for Courtney Cole’s NOCTE! NOCTE is a New Adult dark romantic psychological suspense novel. Hang on tight because this book will blow you away…



Barnes & Noble ** Kobo ** Amazon ** iBooks


Nocte Forward letter


Glancing up, I suck my breath in when I find dark eyes connected to mine, eyes so dark they’re almost black, and the energy in them is enough to freeze me in place.

A boy is attached to the dark gaze.

A man.

He’s probably no more than twenty or twenty-one, but everything about him screams man. There’s no boy in him. That part of him is very clearly gone. I see it in his eyes, in the way he holds himself, in the perceptive way he takes in his surroundings, then stares at me with singular focus, like we’re somehow connected by a tether. He’s got a million contradictions in his eyes….aloofness, warmth, mystery, charm, and something else I can’t define.

He’s muscular, tall, and wearing a tattered black sweatshirt that says Irony is lost on you in orange letters. His dark jeans are belted with black leather, and a silver band encircles his middle finger.

Dark hair tumbles into his face and a hand with long fingers impatiently brushes it back, all the while his eyes are still connected with mine. His jaw is strong and masculine, with the barest hint of stubble.

His gaze is still connected to mine, like a livewire, or a lightning bolt. I can feel the charge of it racing along my skin, like a million tiny fingers, flushing my cheeks. My lungs flutter and I swallow hard.

And then, he smiles at me.

At me.

Because I don’t know him and he doesn’t know better.


Book Trailer:



NOCTE Synopsis:


My name is Calla Price. I’m eighteen years old, and I’m one half of a whole.
My other half– my twin brother, my Finn– is crazy.

I love him. More than life, more than anything. And even though I’m terrified he’ll suck me down with him, no one can save him but me.

I’m doing all I can to stay afloat in a sea of insanity, but I’m drowning more and more each day. So I reach out for a lifeline.

Dare DuBray.

He’s my savior and my anti-Christ. His arms are where I feel safe, where I’m afraid, where I belong, where I’m lost. He will heal me, break me, love me and hate me.
He has the power to destroy me.

Maybe that’s ok. Because I can’t seem to save Finn and love Dare without everyone getting hurt.

Why? Because of a secret.

A secret I’m so busy trying to figure out, that I never see it coming.

You won’t either.


Nocte teaser



Courtney Cole is a novelist who would eat mythology for breakfast if she could. She has a degree in Business, but has since discovered that corporate America is not nearly as fun to live in as fictional worlds. She loves chocolate and roller coasters and hates waiting and rude people.

Courtney lives in quiet suburbia, close to Lake Michigan, with her real-life Prince Charming, her ornery kids (there is a small chance that they get their orneriness from their mother) and a small domestic zoo.




Website |Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter SignUp|Pinterest



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